MTC Christmas Party

January 21, 2013

For many years Melbourne Theatre Company has a staff Christmas party and depending on the tenor of the year and the enthusiasm of the organisers, there may be a theme. Because both Aidan Fennessy and I were leaving, it was a very simple theme – but one executed with great panache. The theme was “A”. We had Aardvarks and Audience members; Alice in Wonderland and all her friends as well as the Addams family; Amigos and Angels; members of ACDC and Al Qaeda; Angelina ballerina and captain America. But the person who received my personal vote for most brave performance was the Chairman of the MTC Board Derek Young.  The Board usually isn’t invited to the Christmas Party. It was felt that they would put a dampener on people’s overall silliness. But because this was my last one, and after appropriate consultation (!), we said they could come. Derek’s take on “A” was to come as….me. A pair of brightly coloured glasses, a large sparkly brooch and a colourful scarf and the transformation was complete. It was a gesture that still brings a smile to my face as I think about it. How many other Board Chairs would be as witty and bold?