Arts Management, Consulting and Training

Ann Tonks

Are you looking for someone to give your Board insight about how to be more effective?

Do you have a problem trying to focus on the next stage of your strategic plan?

Are you looking for an interesting speaker on leadership?

Do you need someone to take on your job for a while so that you can have that well deserved break?

Do you need someone to teach a course on arts management while a lecturer is on a sabbatical?

After 18 years managing Melbourne Theatre Company, I’m now available to offer my services to other arts, cultural, media and training organisations.  I’m an arts manager, a trainer, a facilitator, a planner, a consultant.  I’m willing to travel to where you are – Australia or overseas.

I’ve chosen to work in the creative industries because I believe passionately in the importance of the arts to a community. I’m not an artist but I am someone who understands the creative process and the type of organisation you need to ensure your best chance of fulfilling an artistic vision. I’m also someone who believes in the importance of education and sharing ideas with the next generation.

If you have some arts management, consulting or training you’d like me to do, please contact me.


9 April 2020

The new edition of The A to Z of Arts Management has been published by Routledge and is now available in e-book, paperback and hard back. For more information check: https://www.routledge.com/The-A-to-Z-of-Arts-Management-Reflections-on-Theory-and-Reality-2nd-Edition/Tonks/p/book/9780367351397 .




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