Leaving MTC

January 21, 2013

At 4pm on Thursday 20 December 2012, I walked out of the MTC HQ for the last time as its Executive Director.  But MTC will always be part of my life.  I saw my first MTC production in 1969 (Shakesepeare’s Henry IV Part 1 directed by John Sumner, starring Robin Ramsay at the Octagon Theatre in Perth) and as part of my reward for long service, I can see MTC shows into the foreseeable future. I spent 50% of my working life with the Company so my stories, my friends, my travels are all intimately connected with MTC.


As well as the Board, staff and members of the theatrical community, there are also thousands of MTC subscribers who know me. Just a couple of days ago as I was walking through Southgate, one called out to me, gave me a generous hug and wished me well for the future.


In addition to the silver pass that gets me into the theatre for the next 40 years, two of the other farewell presents will continually remind me of MTC. The staff all donated towards an amazing ring made on special commission by local artist Joanne Huang with the architecture of the Southbank Theatre in mind:

Joanne Huang

When the Southbank Theatre was opened in 2008 I started a running joke to the effect that having lost all the colour in my hair and my waistline through the stress of getting the theatre built, the least that could be done was to name one of the bars after me.  And finally, they took me seriously. At some point this year, you’ll find my name in lights in the theatre.

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