January 21, 2013

I’ve been having far too many farewells in the last week. All I seem to do is blush because people are being overly generous with their words and deeds because ultimately, I’ve been the lucky one. As I said in response to some kind words last week:

I love going to theatre. Always have. And suddenly, I had the opportunity of getting a job where someone paid me to go. Can’t get much better than that.

Over the next week, I’ll find a way of thanking you all individually, because I can only do my job if you do yours. Put simply, I wouldn’t have stayed at MTC if it hadn’t been for you. Whether artist or artisan, whether from finance or marketing, whether front or house or back of house, you make this a wonderful place to work.

Years ago, one our volunteers came up to me and told this story. She’d been in the workplace from leaving school to when she retired but, she said, she’d never been in a workplace like MTC. I asked her what made it different – and she said because there was laughter in the building.

Can you imagine working somewhere with no laughter? Admittedly, sometimes the laughter is hysterical. And sometimes it’s in relief at the end of a long day. But it’s never at some else’s expense. Because you look after each other.

So I want you to take that spirit forward in the years to come. Look after Brett and Virginia and Sam and Leticia and Chris, the new guys on the block. Look after the actors and directors and designers that make our great theatre. And look after yourselves and your families.

And that really has been why I stayed at MTC so long – the art and the people.