Chunky Move

October 14, 2018

For a brief period of time, I’m back working in an arts company. I’m acting CEO/Executive Director for Chunky Move, a contemporary dance company based in Melbourne. I was invited to take on this role for a short time to help the company find new artistic leadership and to make sure that it’s in good working order for a new team. This immersion involves all sorts of emotions and outcomes:

  • the pleasure of being surrounded by hard working, creative, passionate people
  • the challenge of helping the company find its way to a new future
  • the interest in finding out more about practice in a different art form
  • the need to tread lightly given that the company already has many good staff
  • the tedium of documenting endless policies
  • the irony of suddenly reporting to people who used to be peers
  • the fear of getting any of it wrong.

The last point is the most worrying one. After all, I’ve written a book on Arts Management. I’ve run companies for years. I should be able to do this with my eyes closed. But every company is different and at a different part of its life cycle and thus needs different skills from its leadership team. It will be interesting to reflect after I’ve finished at Chunky Move to see what I’ve learnt about managing a small to medium sized company in the 21st century.

If you’d like to know more about the company: Chunky Move