MTC Memories

May 15, 2020

In this mad world of COVID-19, the companies and people that are amongst the most impacted are those working in the performing arts. Their art form requires contact and their workplaces are theatres were people gather to be close and exercise their emotions. And none of that is currently allowed.

For the first time since its started in the 1950s, Melbourne Theatre Company is presenting a play to an audience. And it probably won’t be able to for months to come. While well funded organisations like the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company can afford to record their productions, that hasn’t been possible for most Australian theatre companies. But like many companies, they are staying in contact with their audiences and sharing theatre stories. MTC has just asked if would be happy for them to share some of my favourite MTC moments and here they are:

I do miss the joy of going to the theatre. The intimacy, the craft, the emotion.

I encourage you to support your favourite local arts company or organisations such as the Victorian Actors Benevolent Trust ( ) or its equivalent in your state/country because we want the skills of these artists and storytellers to help us rebuild our communities once the fear is over.